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More than 750,000 flowers

Welcome to our Tulip Garden, where a vibrant display of over 175 varieties of tulips awaits. Immerse yourself in the magic of our garden, a blooming spectacle of color and fragrance. Stroll among the blossoms and capture the essence of spring with every step you take.

Open daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm throughout the season, our garden is a must-see during your spring Holiday in The Netherlands.

Tulip fields 

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At The Tulip Barn, we like to do thing a little differently. Our garden is redesigned each year with a fresh, captivating pattern. We celebrate every shade of the rainbow through our tulips, ensuring a season-long spectacle of bloom. How? By skilfully mixing early, medium and late bloomers, and even pre-cooling some bulbs for earlier display.
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Explore our selfie garden, home to 750,000 tulips in 175 varieties. We've thoughtfully placed fun photo opportunities throughout, transforming our garden into an Instagrammer's dream. Capture your perfect shot amidst the splendour of our ever-evolving tulip paradise. 

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Our Instagrammable tulip garden is surrounded by our family’s flower bulb production fields, which form the perfect background. To offer our visitors an extra unique experience, we have created a walking route straight through our production fields. Please follow the direction signs and stay on the path! Do not walk inside the production fields as this may harm the flowers.

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