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A World of Tulips

At The Tulip Barn, we’re crazy about tulips! Did you know there are thousands of different tulip varieties world-wide? As tulip growers, we divide them in different groups. Some of the best known groups are Darwin Hybrid Tulips, Single Late Tulips, Double Tulips, Emperor Tulips, Fringed Tulips, Parrot Tulips and Peony Tulips.
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Our Expanding Garden

All of these tulip groups can be found in our tulip garden! And as we like to do things a little differently, we do not plant a show garden, but create the most beautiful tulip mixtures! Over 20 different tulip blends can be found in our garden, carefully composed keeping shape, colors and bloom-time in mind. 2024 will be our biggest year yet, as we are expanding our garden to a mesmerizing 750.000 blooming tulips! Surrounded by our nurseries tulip production field, you will easily understand why we are the most colorful tulip farm in Holland.

Discover the tulip garden and beyond

The best season

Tulip Garden

Discover the tulip garden

Stroll among 750,000 tulips, capture unforgettable moments at photo spots, and revel in the beauty of our tulip fields.

Food & Drinks

Food & drinks

Relax in our greenhouse with fine coffee and snacks, and enjoy the panoramic views from our sunny terrace.

Kids Fun

Kids fun

Let the kids loose in our playground and forget the mess with our coveralls, all with family-friendly ticket prices.

Fun Photo Props

Capture Memories

While you’re here, we understand you’d like to take us much pictures as possible! Which is exactly why we add some fun photo props each year. A tulip swing, a flower power car, a great heart, rainbows, a horse and carriage, and many more… Come see for yourself! We add some new photo props every season!
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At The Tulip Barn, savor coffee in our greenhouse, browse souvenirs, and bask on the terrace. Kids will love the tractor races! Enjoy snacks, weekend activities, and take home fresh tulips. Follow us for updates and join the fun this Spring!

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