Our story

Growing up on a Tulip farm, I have always been amazed by the beauty of tulips and how people are attracted to them. Every year, millions of people visit the Dutch flowerbulb region, to enjoy the beauty of Spring, which I think is pretty amazing. 

Nowadays, however, people will do everything to get that one perfect picture, without realizing that they could damage the growers’ crops. 

To offer these modern tourists a great alternative, we have created The Tulip Barn. At The Tulip Barn, you can step into our rainbow of 400.000 colorful tulips and take as many pictures as you like! This place is a true Instagram-lovers paradise. Have you ever taken a bath or played the piano in the middle of a tulip field?

Finished your roll of film? Take place in our authentic greenhouse and enjoy a cup of coffee or some beers on our sunny terrace! 

We have created this place for people to enjoy a day out, where food, flowers and having fun are central. We hope it will inspire people of all ages to add more color to their lives and be creative with flowers. 

It has always been my dream to start my own business one day, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine my love for food & flowers.

Love to see you
– Romy Ruigrok