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Welcome to the Bollenstreek area!

The Netherlands has the perfect climate and soil for growing flower bulbs, not for their stunning appearance, but for growing! Every autumn, farmers plant bulbs for cultivation, and harvest them in the summer for worldwide distribution.

Blooming respect

While Dutch growers are proud of their flowers' global journey and the visitors they attract, they also face tourism challenges. Awareness-raising campaigns urge visitors to admire the production fields, but not to tread on them. Stepping in the farmer’s field may cause damage and the spread of plant disease. To offer the modern tourist a great, responsible alternative, we created The Tulip Barn!

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Born in 2021!

our story

We've designed a special garden where you can enjoy tulips up close. Take as many pictures as you like, walk among the flowers and have fun without damaging farmers’ crops!

Season-long blooms

Each year we plant our tulips in a unique pattern with all the colors you can imagine. Our garden stays bright all season long with a mix of early, medium and late blooming tulips.

Take the perfect selfie with 175 varieties of tulips in our picturesque garden. At The Tulip Barn, our family's love and creativity shines through, bringing you new delights every year.

A bloom through time 

Family Farm

Step into The Tulip Barn where our family's 100 years of bulb expertise blossoms into a vibrant tulip experience. We're excited to share a century of beauty with you - come and see how our passion for flowers is painting the landscape.

Walk and wonder

The Tulip Barn was created as part of our family farm Ruigrok Flowerbulbs. To offer our visitors the ultimate Dutch experience, we invite you to take a walk along our tulip production fields. Please follows the signs and follow our staff’s instructions! To delve deeper into our history, there is much more to discover on the Ruigrok Flowerbulbs website! Please mind, Ruigrok Flowerbulbs is a wholesale business only.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you at our family farm!


At The Tulip Barn you can enjoy coffee in our greenhouse, browse souvenirs and enjoy our terrace. Children will love the tractor races! Enjoy snacks, weekend activities and take home fresh tulips. Follow us on Instagram for updates and join the fun this spring!