About the barn

Welcome to The Tulip Barn, located in the heart of the Dutch Flowerbulb Region!

As you have reached our website, you’re probably interested in visiting the flower fields in the ‘’Bollenstreek’’! The Bollenstreek is the place where the production and trade of flower bulbs originally started hundreds of years ago, and still remains the most famous flower region till this day. The Dutch coastal area has the ideal climate and soil conditions to grow flower bulbs. Although the tulip, hyacinth and daffodil fields look very colorful and attractive, they are planted for another reason! Dutch flower bulb farmers plant their bulbs each Fall, in order to multiply and grow bigger bulbs. Bulbs are harvested in summer, after which they are selected on quality and size. Small bulbs are planted again in Fall, while the big bulbs are being shipped all over the world. Dutch tulip growers are very proud their products ship all over the world ánd attract people from all over the world to see the blooming flower fields in Spring.

This is how the Tulip Barn was born in 2021!

Campaigns started to create awareness under visitors of the Bollenstreek why not to enter the flower fields, but watch them from aside. See enjoy the flowers, respect our pride for more information!

In order to offer visitors of the Bollenstreek an alternative, we created a tulip garden for people to enjoy the flowers and where they can stroll through the tulips and take pictures as much as they like, without doing any harm!

As we like to do things a little different than usual, our garden is planted in a new pattern each year. We plant tulips in every color of the rainbow, and make sure our garden blooms all season long! How? By mixing early – mid – and late blooming varieties and even pre-cooling part of our bulbs to reach earlier blooms. Enjoy 500.000 tulips and at least 175 different varieties in our selfie garden.

To help our visitors create that perfect picture, we added some fun photo objects to our little Instagram Paradise.

Family farm

The Tulip Barn is part of our family farm ‘’Ruigrok Flowerbulbs’’, that has been growing and trading flower bulbs since 1910. With over 100 years of experience, we’re happy to call ourselves bulb-experts.In addition to the Tulip Barn garden, we created a walking path along some of our Ruigrok production fields. We invite the Tulip Barn visitors to enjoy the view, while learning a little more about tulip farming. Follow the direction signs for a little tour around the farm, but please do so without walking through the flower bulb production field!

Fun at the flower farm!

Besides thousands of flowers, there’s much more happening at the Barn! Enter our authentic greenhouse to order a coffee (to-go) or pick a little souvenir at our gift shop. Feel the Spring sun as you relax on our terrace while the kids are taking part in the tractor races and grab a snack at the foodtruck. We regularly organise extra activities during weekends or Holidays, stay up to date via social media!Make sure you take home some farm fresh tulips!We can’t wait to meet you this Spring for a lot a fun on our flower farm!