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Important message!

As we are approaching the end of Tulip Season, the tulips will slowly start to bloom out. 

For this reason, we don’t sell tickets online for May 9 – May 15. However, we are still open this week for coffee and drinks, and it’s possible to purchase a ticket at arrival! 

In this way we want to avoid that people might be disappointed by how the flowers are blooming, and everyone can decide whether the garden still looks beautiful enough to purchase a ticket.

Keep an eye on our Instagram stories for daily updates on the flowers. 

See you soon!


Welcome to the tulip barn!

Wander trough our tulip garden, and discover over 175 different tulip varieties. We’ve added various objects to our field, to help you create the best Spring-pictures possible!  Come over to our green house for a coffee (to-go) and make sure to take home some farm-fresh flowers.Experience the tulip fields in a brand new way!
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What’s happening at the barn?

Have a look in our agenda to discover what’s happening at The Barn this Spring. We organise lots of fun activities in the weekend and during school holidays! Browse our agenda, and pick a favorite day for your visit! You can easily book your tickets online, or just get your tickets at the spot.
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